About our company
Fast Sense Studio is a team of highly qualified experts with a deep knowledge in unmanned aerial vehicles and computer vision. Fast Sense created a solution for industrial companies to run fully automated and safe inspections that streamline internal processes and improve productivity.The system does not require any external sensors or equipment: digital tags, sensors or radars.
High speed of inspection
95% data collection accuracy
High safety level of inspections
Easy to use digital report with inspection results
Our website will help you with calculation of the cost for both type of inspections: trolley inspection and bridge crane inspections. Use our form to estimate the cost of autonomous industrial inspection with Fast Sense drones.
Fast Sense solution
Autonomous inspections of electrical Trolleys & Bridge cranes
Fast Sense bridge crane and trolley inspection service helps companies to reduce production downtime during inspections, mitigate the life & health risks, store all findings in digital form.

Fast Sense software predicts equipment deterioration and helps to identify parts to be replaced well in advance preventing unexpected shutdowns and production losses. During inspection we check the condition of electrical trolleys and condition of insulators (to identify cracks) with visual and thermal sensors. We erase emergency repairs from your production process.
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Stages of autonomous inspection
  • The operator brings and launches the drone
  • Drones autonomously (independently) fly along inspected sites
  • The Drone automatically avoids collision with any object on its way
  • After inspection the drone returns to the launch site
  • Data is uploaded to the tablet / Cloud
  • System analyzes the data and generates a report
Business value
Fast Sense drones are built to increase automation and safety level of business processes for enterprises: equipment condition monitoring, monitoring of production facilities, utility lines and hazardous industrial areas. All these processes have high automation potential and directly impact financial efficiency of any company.
Use our online instrument to calculate the price of autonomous inspection with drones for your facility*
* - The calculation of the cost is preliminary - the final cost of the project will be outlined in commercial proposal and may differ from the calculation on the web-site
Trolley Length
Number of factories for inspection
Crane height
Capacity utilisation
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